After suffering an injury this is the time that will focus on promoting healing and gaining back lost mobility

    The second phase of healing where we focus on gaining lost strength and teaching how to protect from re-injury

    Phase 3 of healing that will focus on you getting your life back, whether that is playing with your kids or playing professional sports


We move people in the Triad away from pain and back to their active life even when they lose hope or everyone else has given up on them.

We work with people aged 30-64+ who suffer different ailments from mostly low back pain and plantar fasciitis to the everyday ache and pain. Many people come in worried about where to go and what to do about their pain. My main goal is to get those questions answered and put you on the proper road to recovery by using the expertise I have gained over the past 15 years as a clinician.

Success Stories

  • "Before I started with John at Calso PT , I had been to several doctors, specialists, and had stopped running completely.  I had spent countless dollars on imaging, injections, and orthotics.  It was John who was able to get me relief from the agonizing pain of plantar fasciitis.  I was back to running on the Greenway after only 5 sessions.  I was so thankful that Calso PT helped me get my active life back."

    Mary G

  • "I have only had 1 session with Calso PT and after 1 session I was able to squat 315lbs for the first time ever! I am so stoked to see what a couple weeks more will do!!"

    Phillip B

  • "It’s an amazing experience to find, after years of living with everyday pain and accepting it would never change, that I can be mobile and active again.  Thank John at Calso PT for restoring the mobility in my knee.  I can’t wait to get back on the tennis court."

    Jill R.

  • "Thanks Calso PT for a great session.  Your passion is contagious.  I am taking my grandkids on vacation next week and for the first time in a long time, I will actually be able to chase them around without the back pain I have been unsuccessfully managing on my own."

    Bob C.

  • "Thanks, John, for the pain relief! I’m looking forward to the next session."

    Diane D.

Frequenty Asked

Q. Why should I come to you when my insurance covers physical therapy down the street?
Q. What is physical therapy?
Q. Does physical therapy help someone like me?
Q. How long does it take to feel a difference from physical therapy?
Q. What if I get there and I am not happy with physical therapy at the end?
Q. Is my physical therapist available between appointments?
Q. Is physical therapy guaranteed to help me like I hope?
Q. What is the # 1 reason to come see you?