Getting Back To An Active Life


We move people in the Triad away from pain and back to their active life even when they lose hope or everyone else has given up on them.

We work with people aged 30-64+ who suffer different ailments from mostly low back pain and plantar fasciitis to the everyday ache and pain. Many people come in worried about where to go and what to do about their pain. My main goal is to get those questions answered and put you on the proper road to recovery by using the expertise I have gained over the past 15 years as a clinician.


In my practice, I work with people who most commonly suffer from everyday aches and pains that range from low back pain to plantar fasciitis.  Many of my clients come to me after months or years of worrying about where to go for relief and recovery and with many questions about what to do with their pain.  They long to achieve goals from being able to lift grandchildren and slide with their children in the park to playing 18 holes of golf or competing in their local tennis championship clubs.  Many therapists are passionate about helping clients but lack the skill set and experience to truly put them on a road to recovery that would enable them to achieve these goals.   I have both the passion and expertise necessary to help clients move beyond pain and toward these goals.

My passion, techniques, and goals for my clients are directly related to the professional, personal, and academic experiences and successes that have shaped my career and life.

My career began in my own experiences as an athlete and led me on a path to gain my masters in occupational therapy and a doctorate in physical therapy. I have used that platform to further my clinical skills through working with Olympic weightlifters, helping the amateur golfer gain that perfect swing, or helping clients get back to playing with their kids in the yard.

At Louisiana College I worked in arena league football, minor league baseball, and, also, multiple sports at the school, particularly our collegiate men’s basketball team, while in pursuit of my bachelor’s degree in athletic training. It was there that I truly gained the respect for all sports as I worked with athletes through injury prevention and recovery. During my time as an athletic trainer, I was introduced to physical and occupational therapy, which became the next logical step in furthering my expertise in all things rehab and wellness.

My professional career continued at The University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences where I received my master’s degree in occupational therapy with a focus in industrial rehab and ergonomics and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy with a focus in manual therapy and spinal manipulation.

As a practicing physical and occupational therapist, I have also gained expertise from my work with highly dedicated athletic communities.  An important contributing experience to my skillset is my involvement over the past 5 years with the Crossfit community and Olympic weightlifting. The contagious passion of these communities in their pursuit of fitness is truly inspiring.  Working side by side with Olympic hopefuls and world champion weightlifters to help them achieve high level goals has given me many more tools to help all others that I see in my clinic every day.  Most of the tools that I have found to help the most involve hands on skills I have gained: dry needling, manual therapy, massage have been some of the best techniques to get clients away from pain.

The experience with that community has allowed me to hone skills that more appropriately apply to the everyday person just trying to get through their day pain free.  Stiffness and strength deficits my top athletes have are the same limitations my clients have when trying to achieve those simple but important goals of lifting a grandchild up off the ground or sliding with their kids down the slide.  My work experience with the CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting community has revealed that my client goals can often be easily addressed with some of the very same techniques I have implemented in these high-level performance communities. I have found a great passion to find the athletic potential for someone trying to finish 18 holes of golf or to compete in their local tennis club championship. Working with that community has been more rewarding both professionally and personally than I even imagined.

Ultimately, my goal is for my patients to be able to move past the obstacles of pain so they can spend their energy on achieving goals rather than focusing on pain. I am confident that my passion and professional and personal experience have equipped me with tools I need to help my clients get back to focus on living the life they envision rather than merely focusing on making it through another day of pain.

Success Stories

  • "Before I started with John at Calso PT , I had been to several doctors, specialists, and had stopped running completely.  I had spent countless dollars on imaging, injections, and orthotics.  It was John who was able to get me relief from the agonizing pain of plantar fasciitis.  I was back to running on the Greenway after only 5 sessions.  I was so thankful that Calso PT helped me get my active life back."

    Mary G

  • "I have only had 1 session with Calso PT and after 1 session I was able to squat 315lbs for the first time ever! I am so stoked to see what a couple weeks more will do!!"

    Phillip B

  • "It’s an amazing experience to find, after years of living with everyday pain and accepting it would never change, that I can be mobile and active again.  Thank John at Calso PT for restoring the mobility in my knee.  I can’t wait to get back on the tennis court."

    Jill R.

  • "Thanks Calso PT for a great session.  Your passion is contagious.  I am taking my grandkids on vacation next week and for the first time in a long time, I will actually be able to chase them around without the back pain I have been unsuccessfully managing on my own."

    Bob C.

  • "Thanks, John, for the pain relief! I’m looking forward to the next session."

    Diane D.